Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Linn Olofsdotter

When I first saw her artworks I was totally blown away. Linn Olofsdotter is an awesome artist. I often see nice illustrations, but Linn managed to go further and became something different (at least for me). She makes a kind of work that I don't see much often, playing with textures, gradientes, scribbles and lots of hand drawing. 

Her work has appeared in Computer Arts & Bon Magazine, she's created T-shirt graphics for Levi's, wall murals for a hotel in Los Angeles, CD covers for artists & illustrations for Oilily & La Perla. Nearly all her work has a collage-like feel, with layers, nuances & some of her pieces has surreal, psychedelic look.

You should totally visit her portfolio to see her many pieces there. 

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