Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Linn Olofsdotter

When I first saw her artworks I was totally blown away. Linn Olofsdotter is an awesome artist. I often see nice illustrations, but Linn managed to go further and became something different (at least for me). She makes a kind of work that I don't see much often, playing with textures, gradientes, scribbles and lots of hand drawing. 

Her work has appeared in Computer Arts & Bon Magazine, she's created T-shirt graphics for Levi's, wall murals for a hotel in Los Angeles, CD covers for artists & illustrations for Oilily & La Perla. Nearly all her work has a collage-like feel, with layers, nuances & some of her pieces has surreal, psychedelic look.

You should totally visit her portfolio to see her many pieces there. 

Zac Freeman

Zac Freeman is an artist who takes every day objects (such as buttons, remote controls, film canisters, circuits & telephone parts) & puts them all together. The result? Amazing collage portraits. This can be called modern day impressionism! 

That's what he says about his creative approach : "It is very important to me that I incorporate the actual objects into the art as opposed to a picture or rendition of it because it better expresses the intention of the artwork. I feel the junk is more powerful being present. It is an actual thing to be reckoned with that existed in this time and place and carries energy in and of itself."

Check out his website: http://www.zacfreemanart.com/

Rita Dianni-Kaleel

To my mind, this is an absolutely amazing oil painting, created by Rita Dianni-Kaleel. Children of different cultures connected by abstract shapes & colors with a line of gold leaf can represent the value of life & our link to the future. Click for more artworks on Rita Dianni-Kaleel's website :http://www.diannifineart.com/  

Monday, January 24, 2011

Minjae Lee

Minjae Lee is a young (born in 1989), talented & mainly self-taught artist from South Korea.
He creates his illustrations with the use of markers, pens, crayons, acrylics. He's got his own vision of beauty and his work is really creative & inspiring.
To know more about this artisit u can read an interview with Minjae Lee. And click on the link to check out his artworks, blog etc. on his website :http://renokim.com/

Francoise Nielly

Whenever I've got this weird feeling that I desperately need to be inspired by something or somebody, I usually come across some really awesome artists which artworks impress me to a great extent. Francoise Nielly is her name.

It's clear that painting is her passion. Her artworks are expressive, with fascinating vital energy & color pallet is dazzling. Check out her website:http://www.francoise-nielly.com/.